Who wants to spend 72 days of their life shaving?

Our Inmode Diolaze is the new champion in laser hair removal. It is the FIRST high speed diode hair removal system to deliver uncompromised power and pulsing to tissue with high speed, all at once. It’s powerful enough to target and treat even the most stubborn hair and is virtually painless due to strong built in cooling.

We also use the Revlite SI Q-Switched Nd:YAG system to treat clients with darker skin. The technology has a very short pulse length, between 3 and 7 billionths of a second. This means that it does not kill the hair follicles, but damages them sufficiently to stunt the regrowth of the hair for several months. The hair that does grow out is soft and fair (pale) and the normal hair only re-establishes after several months, depending on the persons skin and hair colour.

How Does It Work?

The laser pulse targets the ‘color’ in the body of the hair, heating it up in a few billionths of a second. This destroys the root of the hair without any visible signs from the outside and stops hair from growing back. Several treatments are required to ensure all hair follicles in the mature stage of hair growth are effectively targeted by laser energy. The number of treatments you need depends on body area, hair color, skin tone and hair type. Generally, clients undergoing Diolaze laser hair-removal experience 85 to 90 % hair loss following 5 or 6 sessions.

What Can I Expect?

The hair will begin to fall out over the course of the treatment and for 2-3 weeks after. It may take up a series of sessions to remove the hairs completely, as each hair is on its own growth cycle, but you will start seeing the result in the first treatment itself. As the treatment progresses, you will see that fewer and fewer hairs return. If you want to experience the highest degree of hair reduction permanently, it is important to finish the entire series of treatment to kill each follicle.

Make sure you come in shaved from the morning or day before. Stay out of the sun after and avoid harsh products for a week.

Recommended Sessions

6 – 10 treatments

Session Frequency

4 – 6 weeks

hair removal before and after diolaze