Enlarged Pores

You Got It From Your Mama

Unfortunately, having large pores is genetic. Fortunately, we can fix that. Pores are tiny openings in the skin that allow perspiration to the surface to cool the skin. Pores also release oil to protect the surface of the skin. If not properly taken care of, can become clogged pores, making them even more visible.

Large pores can also be associated with sun damage. Ultraviolet light emitted by the sun damages the collagen that ‘plumps’ your skin. Without the firming effect of collagen, pores can lose elasticity and become dilated.

You can avoid large or clogged pores by keeping them cleaned out in the first place. A Laser Facial will also reduce the size. A Forma Facial will tighten your pores and stimulate collagen and elastin. These treatments will also stimulate the collagen in your skin to additionally improve the appearance of your pores.

young girl smiling

Laser Facial