Forma and Forma Plus

Tight Like A Tiger

Looking for a way to tone and tighten problem areas or want to give yourself a little face-lift without surgery? Forma may be the thing you’re looking for. Forma is a non-invasive procedure that uses radio frequency to target deep in the skin’s layers to improve skin elasticity and build collagen. Commonly treated areas on the face include the forehead, around the eyes (to target crow’s feet), upper eyelids, nasal folds, jowls, and smile lines. Areas treated on the body include arms (to treat bat wings), abdomen, knees and any other areas that have loose skin.


The Forma face tightening treatment is often referred to as a “Mini-FaceLift.” Forma is known for it’s ability to deliver an immediate revived and naturally lifted appearance without any downtime. The device uses radio-frequency (RF) to heat the sub dermal layers. The heat and RF promotes new collagen production which rejuvenates and tightens the skin. There is an immediate and noticeable contraction, which is known as the “wow factor.” Many clients get this treatment before an important event, because of these immediate results.

Forma Plus

Forma Plus uses the same technology as Forma, but is used on larger body areas. One treatment zone is about the size of 2 palms, one palm size (6″ x 6″) treated at a time. Forma Plus is an effective supplement to Body FX and is commonly used with our clients after weight loss, or to tighten loose skin.

How Does It Work?

Forma uses radio-frequency and heat to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin. Radio-frequency energy stimulates the formation of new collagen (the building blocks of your skin) and contracts the layers of your skin for an improved appearance in the skin’s surface.

What Can I Expect?

A cool gel will be put over the treated area and then the Forma handpiece will massage the area. Clients may feel a hot sensation but the machine will never burn or scar. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the areas being treated. Be sure to keep skin moist and use protective sunscreen. Your skin will feel immediately tighter.

Recommended Sessions

6 – 10 treatments
Once desired results achieved, 2 annual maintenance sessions

Session Frequency

1 per week


$250 for one treatment zone (generally 2 palms) $185 for 1 palm (6″ x 6″)

See online booking form for details

before and after of skin tightening
before and after of skin tightening